Holistic Health

Holistic Health: The integration and actualization of spiritual, mental, physical, communal, economic, and environmental health.

  • Spiritual health is the thread which integrates all levels of health, enabling one to live in harmony with themselves, their neighbors and the environment on which they depend.
  • Mental health is the lens through which one perceives themselves, others, and the environment. It is a combination of one's knowledge/education, experience, and psychological well-being.
  • Physical health is a core need and desire for all mentally healthy individuals. A healthy body is not simply one free of disease, disorder, and pathogen but even more so one that is able to grow, thrive and heal.
  • Economic health is the availability and equitable access to the resources necessary for individuals and communities to pursue healthy and productive lives.
  • Environmental health is the foundation which supports all health, individuals and communities require a hygienic, stable, supportive and fertile environment to nourish their pursuit of healthy and productive lives.
  • Communal health is the cumulative positive interaction of all individuals at the household, community, national and global level. without these positive interactions, individuals lose their ability to grow, thrive and heal. communal health is a prerequisite to personal health a the private and public levels and is the fruit that ECTA's project seeks to produce.

Vision: That all can be born into love, live in hope and die with dignity.

We believe that every human deserves these things no matter their social status, where they live, what they believe.

Every child should be birthed by a healthy mother, assisted by competent caring medical professionals, into a nurturing family and community which deeply values their life.

Every loved child should reach adulthood, fortified by a quality education, quality health care, a natural environment, to find the freedom to access the opportunities and resources they need to live a healthy fulfilling.

Every life on earth, whether that life was healthy or not, will come to an end. Each individual should have access to compassionate care at the time of death and the freedom to die in the setting of their choice without undue suffering.

Mission: To foster holistic health throughout the Himalayan region by training, equipping, and apprenticing dedicated community partners.

Training: Communities already desire to address their most pressing needs and issues; training communicates that they can, teaches that they should and shows them how to do so.

Equipping: Along the proper training, communities need the appropriate quality tools necessary to complete the task at hand.

Apprenticing: Although communities desire to address their most pressing needs and issues, they often lack the courage, vision and know how to do so. Along with training and equipping. communities need an example to show that the task at hand is possible. ECTA believes that working side-by-side with community partners is the best way to exemplify and catalyze its vision and mission.


Objective 1: To emphasize and empower community-level health care in every village within ECTA's area of service
  • Train, equip, and empower existing regional health care workers through yearly refresher courses.
  • Provide the necessary equipment and resources to each health care worker to perform their job to the best of their ability

Objective 2: Continue ongoing evaluations of the region with regards to trends in disease, mortalities rates, and health practices. With this information, modify and develop training and workshops to address current needs within communities.

Objective 3: Promote five ambulances in the region and continue to evaluate the need in other areas for emergency transportation needs. With these ambulances, continue to connect communities to quality care.

Objective 4: Ensure that every mother in the region has access to care during pregnancy, birth and postpartum, including emergency transportation through government-sponsored ambulance program, MatriYaan.