Meet Anita


Anita Rai has been a Community Health Volunteer since her training in 2015. Since then, Anita has worked tirelessly to improve the health of her community, encourage her fellow health workers and continue to improve her skills and knowledge.

Anita is a mother of 3 adult daughters. Her youngest daughter lives and works far from home, in Bangalore along with her husband. Back in May 2018, Anita was given the wonderful news that she would be a grandma. Anita always made sure to check on her daughter, calling regularly. As any concerned mother would be, Anita asked about the medicines and food that her daughter was taking. She also regularly gave guidance and advice on do's and don'ts during pregnancy.

In accordance with local laws, Anita informed her daughter that it is mandatory to return to her native place and register her name at the health center to receive the benefits provided by the government for new mothers. Additionally, it can cause problems getting a birth certificate for the newborn, if she fails to register her name and do the delivery at the government hospital. Anita took steps so that her soon to be born grandchild and the mother would receive the Matriyan services (vehicle transporting pregnant mothers to the hospital for delivery) and other government benefits. Since her daughter lived far from home and would be returning shortly before the birth, Anita went to the health center and explained her daughter's situation to the staff nurse. She was allowed to register her daughter's name without her being present. This is a hardship that many families have to endure or face the possibility of no birth certificate or benefits.

After Anita's daughter arrived back in her home village, Anita brought her regularly for checkups, iron tablets. By this time, Anita's son-in-law had full confidence that his wife was under good care!. In the month of January Anita's daughter welcomed her firstborn a healthy baby boy. Mother received Rs. 6000/- (about $87) as incentives for new mother and child care.

The staff nurse at the health center praised Anita for her efforts. Anita's daughter was happy to receive a lot of ideas and pregnancy care tips from her mother. Anita's knowledge and guidance for her daughter not only aided the birth of her grandson but it also helped her daughter navigate the complicated system of health care in India

Anita, with an excellent understanding of health concerns, has helped empower future generations. We are so proud of Anita's diligence in her community that extends beyond her family. Thank you, Anita, and Congratulations!