Himalayan Health Resource Library

ECTA has curated resources for additional learning and quick reference for health care workers in the field. With limited access to search the internet for quality materials, ECTA has gathered this collection for those that need quick access to reliable information when caring for there community. All links will take you directly to all of these amazing organizations to view their publications. Care was taken to find Nepali language materials when available. Note: These links will take you to another website.

Free sourced health-related materials: These texts are from many different sources. We have compiled them here for easy finding.

Meena Comic Series: Health-related books for children. Addresses issues that face children and young girls.

Additional comics:

Do you know about other Nepali health resources? Please share them with us so we can spread the word and equip health workers with the resources they need! Email me: amanda@ecta-international.org