Big and small, it all makes a difference.

How do donations work?

We accept all kinds of generosity. Monetary donations can be made on our website in the form of one-time, monthly or year-end giving. We also accept other types of giving: stock, trust, grant or volunteered time. ECTA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization - EIN: 27-0306919

Sending a check?

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$25 monthly

Support a Community Health Worker

This donation will pay a stipend for one of our Community Health Workers.

$160 monthly

Keep an ambulance on the road

This donation will pay for low cost emergency services to remote regions, including vehicle maintenance and driver salary.

$40 monthly

Support a teacher

Support one of the teachers in Daragoan at Red Star Academy.

$150 monthly

Continue to train Health Workers

Every month our health workers receive additional trainings to keep up with current knowledge and best practices.

Other ways to engage!

Amazon Smiles, Spread the word, yard sales, fundraisers, matching grants through work, volunteer, be creative! Every little bit helps!

Donation FAQs

What is better: one time gifts vs. monthly giving?

One time gifts are a great way to raise money for the start-up costs on new projects (e.g. purchase of new ambulances, school construction, etc.). Ongoing operational expenses are best supported by automatic monthly contribution. Recurrent monthly expenses involve our driver's and teacher's salaries, monthly health worker training sessions, certain ambulance maintenance expenses, etc. ECTA's greatest need financially is recurring monthly donations which cover the cost of these ongoing expenses. For example, a $100 automatic monthly donation does more for the financial stability of the organization than a yearly $1200 donation despite the fact that in the end, it is the same amount. Monthly donations help us to properly budget and project. We are currently seeking multiple monthly donors to cover the predictable monthly expenses which are currently uncovered.

What are your budget priorities? Where does this donation go?

ECTA holds very strong convictions on budget prioritization. Many other international charities/non-profits priorities rank as 1. payment of domestic staff, 2. domestic operations, 3. international project expenses and 4. international staff payment. At ECTA we take the inverse approach. ECTA is all about investing in people to be agents of positive transformation in their communities. We currently have 30 compensated international partners and one paid domestic staff. Unemployment is a huge problem in South Asia. The salaries these individuals receive from ECTA empower them to serve their communities on a daily basis. Without our support, they would have to scramble for survival instead of fulfilling their essential roles. These salaries are evaluated regularly to ensure fair pay. Supporting our international partners is our #1 priority. Our #2 priority is the support of our projects, given that people's lives directly depend on many of the services we offer. #3 priority would be domestic operations and #4 is domestic staff. Domestic salaries are currently capped at the level of the state's minimum wage, the organization is not able to provide health benefits to domestic staff. On the contrary, our ambulance drivers/assistants are provided with full health coverage/accident insurance given the inherent level of risk in their jobs and their constant exposure to illness.

Can I decide what my donation goes towards? Are there additional types of giving?

Any gifts without special designation go directly into ECTA's general operating fund. We are proud of the fact that nearly 90% of our operating budget makes it directly to our partners and the communities we serve in India. Occasionally donors desire to make "personal gifts" to staff members for personal reasons. Personal Gifts are to be used at the recipient's discretion and are not to enter the operational/general budget. Such gifts are not tax-exempt for the donor or recipient. Any gifts bearing a specific designation such as "health training" or "the school in Daragaon", etc. must be utilized for that purpose only. To make a donation in the form of stock, grants, corporate sponsorship or in-kind services/goods please contact Linda at She will be more than happy to assist you.

Any other questions? Please contact Linda Phillips at She will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have!