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Health is more than an absence of illness. Education is more than a certificate or diploma. Development is more than an increase in wealth.
  • Ambulance Service
    A trip to the hospital is no small affair for villagers in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India. An average trip for a seriously ill individual often requires being carried on a stretcher across rough mountain trails followed by several hours of driving on treacherous landslide prone more...
  • Health Training
    In conjunction with our community partners we have now been involved in the training of 150 health workers! find out more...
  • Primary Education
    Parents picked up shovels and began to dig a foundation. Uncles went to the jungle to cut bamboo and Aunts cooked hot lunches for all the workers. With only $300, several rolls of tin roofing, two cans of black board paint and a burlap sack full of nails, hinges and handles the village built a school... read more...
  • Medical Scholarship Program
    ECTA will send 5 students from remote/impoverished backgrounds to Medical School in 2016! Read more to learn about our vision to transform health care in the rural Himalayas!
  • Himalayan Health Resource Library
    Governments, NGO's and Non-profits across the Himalayas have created a wealth of digital materials to promote health, education and community development throughout the region. Due to geographic, linguistic and economic barriers many of these open source materials have not been widely disseminated. Many local NGO's and Community level workers do not have the time to spend hours searching the Internet for these life saving and promoting resources. Many do not even know where to begin their search. ECTA has compiled these materials so that every community can have access to the information it needs to thrive... access here...
 At ECTA, we seek to find deep integrated solutions for the problems which continue to plague the developing world. Decades of political unrest, frequent natural disasters, epidemics, formidable geographic barriers, weak infrastructure and lack of access to quality education & health care have left the people of the Himalayas resigned to accept a stark existence... but ECTA has seen the power of local communities in action. With little more than:
1 ) Simple tools 2 ) Proper Training 3 ) A Community of Support Individuals and communities can move from simply surviving to thriving. When communities begin to find the solutions to their problems within... they will never again have to go without. ECTA invests in the health of Himalayan villagers believing that all can be born into love, live in hope and die with dignity.

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